Collaborative Law

Collaborative law uses a team approach to give families better support and guidance as they navigate through the divorce process, leaving a legacy of peace. Collaborative team members include lawyers, divorce coaches and child specialists. It may also include financial specialists, mediators and real estate professionals.

“Divorce is never pretty, but it doesn’t have to be ugly.”

-South King County Collaborative Law

Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaches help couples build the skills they need to create a respectful divorce and move on with their lives. Their are two models. In the one-coach model a single coach works with both parties to address the emotions of the legal, financial, life changes of divorce. The two-coach model has a separate coach for each party.

Divorce Coaches Help

  • Develop plans for moving from couple to individual
  • Develop communication skills needed to co-parent
  • Develop communication skills to use during joint meetings
  • Facilitate communications for the team members.

Benefits of Working With Divorce Coaches

  • Enhance communication tools.
  • Clarify goals and objectives of the post divorce relationship.
  • Address the psychological and social pressures associated with separation, grief cycles and emotional obstacles.
  • Assist the parents with the conceptual portion of the parenting plan.
  • Make referrals when assessments are needed.