Parenting Skills


The most rewarding, frustrations you will experience.

Children don’t come with owner’s manuals. We all want to have little representatives of ourselves, but what do we do with them once we get them? For a far longer period of time than the young of other mammals, human babies are dependent on other people for food, for protection, and for their very lives. How do they come to trust that their needs will be met?

Many people think that children will love us unconditionally and they are right. Children come to your homes by invitation. Rather you were planning them or not. When you decide to enter that relationship you need to have a plan for what to do with them when they get here.


There are three parenting styles and each will have an effect on typical behavior patterns of children raised according to each. It is important to encourage flexibility and give the child a chance to show some initiative to develop self-esteem and good parent/child relationships. Children need to know when they have done something right, as well as something wrong. Discipline is to correct behavior, not inflict pain.

In the Parenting Skills session you will learn different levels of skills to match the age of your child(ren). There is no need to overwhelm parents that are already anxious, so we take it slow.

If they are older, you will need to establish guidelines with your partner. It’s never too late for everyone to change, parents included. Parenting Skills will help you learn to use time-outs to fit the age of the child.

Adolescences have a plan of sessions just for the parents that are wondering where their sweet loving child has gone.