Linda Hanby Family Therapy Kent Office Building

“Lynne was a perfect match for my husband and I when we were in a dark place. She has a special way of reaching us both thru our different personalities. We highly recommend Lynne. It takes work regardless of your trials, having Lynne to walk thru the changes with you is priceless. Honest feedback is what builds a great foundation. That is what Lynne provided for us! Give her a call and your best is too come.”


“Linda is very knowledgeable in her field, provides realistic recommendations, and she is accepting regardless of whether you listen or not. I have been seeing her for some time and am much better off from the experience.”


“I originally started going to therapy to work through some issues with my daughter. I have received wonderful parenting tips and how to deal with a rebellious teenager. I have also been able to work through some issues from my past that I didn’t want to deal with but, felt like I could let it go with Lynne. It is wonderful to know that I have someone outside of family and friends that I can talk to. I feel like a better parent and a healthier person since I have been receiving therapy from Lynne.”


“She is absolutely amazing! She has helped me change my completely and I couldn’t ask for a better counselor. She is so kind and has really good helpful tips which have made my life 100% better. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know where I would be right now.”