Telehealth therapy is a new form of treatment, in an area not yet fully validated by research, and that this form of treatment has potential risks, such as possibility that the technology may fail before and/ or during the session. I recognize that there is the possibility of information may be intercepted by an unauthorized individual. I also am aware that these possible interceptions have been discussed and every effort to reduce this event, has been made.

Trust is a foundational component of the therapist-patient relationship. Patients have the right to expect that the therapist will behave in a manner that will benefit the patient and improve their mental health, which in turn, improves their physical health. Patients also trust that the therapist will make suggestions, without coercion, that may be in their best interests.

In the state of Washington, telehealth is when a health care provider uses HIPPA-compliant, interactive, real-time audio and visual telecommunications to conduct sessions. Linda Hanby will deliver services that are within her scope of practice to a patient at a site that is other than where the provider is located.  The first session (INTAKE) must be conducted, and all forms signed, with Linda Hanby Family Therapy BEFORE Zoom session will begin. The purpose for this visit is to review and sign all documents required for telehealth to proceed. If you are outside of King county, where the office of Linda Hanby Family Therapy is located, you will need to download the forms and review them with Linda Hanby. Once all questions are answered and the forms are signed, the forms will need to be emailed or faxed, then received by Linda Hanby BEFORE sessions begin. 

You will only use your own equipment to communicate and not equipment owned by another, and specifically not using my employer’s computer or network.

I understand that I may be asked the identity of anyone that appears to be in the room during the session. I will be responsible for maintaining my confidential in the session. A note will be put in my session notes to confirm my confidentiality at all times.

The practice of telehealth is governed by the same Codes of Ethics and RCWs that apply to in office sessions. As such the following guidelines for Confidentiality and HIPPA apply. They are as follows:

  • The right to confidentiality, “what is said here, stays here.” Unless you give me consent, in writing, that I have your permission to speak to another individual about your case.
  • The right to clear communication. There are no wrong questions.

I am a mandatory reporter and as such, if you report a crime or abuse of any form, I am bounded, by law, to report the information.

Sessions are conducted weekly at a given time. The session lasts 45-50 minutes, The scheduled time is set aside for you. If you miss a session without cancelling or if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, I will bill you in full for that time.  Insurance or third-party pay will not compensate you under these circumstances. If you are late for a session, you will be seen for the remainder of your time and billed for the full hour. I accept cash, VenMo and Debit cards and some insurance at this time.  You may go to the Resource page of the website and find the complete Telehealth Informed Consent.