Adolescent Counseling


At Linda Hanby Family Therapy, we provide individual mental health counseling, as well as a number of specialty services for this very special population, including:

Adolescent Anger Management

This series in conducted in 8 weekly, 50 minute sessions. Using information found in Getting Beyond Anger, it is designed to help individuals develop the skills needed for self-control in handling anger in a positive manner. The goal of these sessions is to present the tools needed for changes in attitude that can help change behavior. We will discuss ways of looking at how anger develops, how attitude impacts behavior, and a the benefits of a change in thought process to a positive way of thinking about the situations faced each day. Graduation is not granted until all assignments are completed. While this is an 8 week series, it can be extended if the needed changes are not developed. Additional groups may be required at an additional charge.

Adolescent Therapy: Adolescence can be a difficult age for families to deal with. We hear “What happened to that sweet little child?” Adolescence is a time of tremendous growth both physically and emotionally where the adolescent has as much trouble understanding themselves as we do. There are four stages of development of adolescence they need to navigate toward becoming an independent adult that can get along with their parents and peers. Some times help is needed for the adolescent to learn how to communicate their feelings. They must first discover and name the feelings they are experiencing. All of this is happening as they are experiencing many changes in their life. They need someone to hear their voiced concerns. An outside adult can be the answer and I would like to be that positive adult.

  • Learn how to become your own person
  • Learn what you value
  • Learn how to enjoy the spirit of cooperation