Couples Counseling

couples counseling

“We just don’t communicate.”

This is the root of most Couples Counseling. Two people that met, fell in love, married and started a life together, now seem like strangers.

Communication is at the heart of all relationships. Husband/wife, parent/child, and friends/siblings. It is true that the ones we love present us with our greatest challenge. Yet communication is vital to all these relationships. Most of our significant relationships require work and effort. It takes more than just effort to communicate, it takes skills.

Talking and listening are skills that seem to have lost importance, but are essential to effective communications.

If you need a tune up on these skills to improve your relationship, make a date together and LET’S TALK.

One of the objectives of couples counseling is developing communication skills and how you can use your improved skills to bring out the best in your relationship with others, especially your mate. Couples counseling is designed to help you understand what skills are needed for effective communications.

Your mate is not now, nor will they ever be, a mind reader. Don’t expect them to be and you won’t be frustrated or disappointed.

Communication is an exchange of understanding. All frustrations are rooted in unmet expectations. Learning to communicate our expectations is a required skill to forge clear communication with others.