Family Therapy


Family Therapy involves a whole family, or several family members, all meeting with a therapist. Family therapy can be helpful if a family is having problems getting along. It can also be used if one family member has a problem and the family relations may be contributing to or maintaining the problem. Some families see a child as the problem and treat the child as the ‘scapegoat” for all the families problems. It is my belief that the family needs to avoid blaming any family member as “the” problem. We will work toward the family learning to interact in a different way to solve problems.


During the course of my work with a family, I may see a smaller part of the treatment unit (e.g., an individual or siblings) for one or more sessions. These sessions should be seen by you as a part of the work that I am doing with the family or couple, unless otherwise indicated. If you are involved in one or more of such sessions with me, please understand that generally these sessions are confidential in the sense that I will not release information to a third party unless I am required by law to do so or unless I have your written authorization. In fact, since those sessions can and should be considered a part of the treatment of the family, I would want us to work on getting to the point where we can discuss the problem with all family members.

Prices and Special Offers

Please contact us for current pricing. Sliding scale is available upon request to qualified individuals and families.