Individual Therapy

“No one can make you feel inferior, unless you allow it.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

As we take this journey together, you are responsible for setting your goals and working toward changes outside of the therapy hour as well as during it. My role is to educate and support you during this period of change. In supporting your perception of reality, present and past, I will not attempt to determine in a legal sense whether the events you describe happened exactly as you remember them. I see you as the one who sets the course for your own life and as the one responsible for the decisions and life changes that you make. I may, at various times, make suggestions and give advice, but of course, you are in control of what choices you make and how you implement them.

Since people are complex, I cannot guarantee that specific changes will take place as a result of our work together. Usually my clients gain a greater understanding of themselves and frequently improve their interpersonal skills. If you find yourself dissatisfied with any aspect of therapy, it is important that you share your concerns with me as soon as you are aware of them.